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Why You Should Come

Moorgate Jitsu Thai Pad boxing

We are a friendly club, and beginners are always welcome.

Simply turn up in some loose clothing (old t-shirt and jogging bottoms are fine) and come try us out.

The well-established club has a proud reputation within The Jiu Jitsu Foundation.
The ethos at Moorgate is to always give your best and to constantly push your limits. The solidarity among Moorgate jitsuka means that everyone supports
each other on this journey. There is a strong focus on fitness, conditioning, and self-defence, and the warm-up has gained a reputation of being of the more 'rewarding' ones in London.

As part of the regular training, students also learn how to use Thai pads, and often do work requiring head gear and gum shields.
The focus of the Senseis is on adapting Jiu Jitsu to real-life scenarios. Attacks are realistic, the pace is fast and there are high demands on physical and mental fitness. As a result of this, Moorgate attracts a crowd of skilled and committed jitsuka.

The social aspect of Moorgate continues outside the dojo with after-training drinks and regular get-togethers.

Moorgate Jitsu Club London Logo
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