No Better Way to Start the Day...

Our morning sessions consist of an intense cardio warm-up often followed by boxing and Muay Thai pad work and applicable self-defense exercises.

These sessions don't include any Jiu Jitsu so doing both the morning and evening sessions will give you an all-round martial arts experience.


There's no need to have any previous experience to attend the either the morning  or evening sessions, just bring a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and more importantly a large bottle of water!


The sessions are equally suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners.

You will learn how to push your limits, boost your confidence and have some fun!


Morning session Costs

The first session is always free.

Morning sessions (1 hour sessions):

Monthly fee for 1 session per week: £30.00

Monthly fee for 2 sessions per week: £60.00

£10 Pay-as-you-go per session

Training Hours:

Wednesday & Friday



Templeton House

33-34 Chiswell St

London EC1Y 4SF