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Belts & Clothing

On the mat we all wear the same outfit, a white Gi, the same as the Gi's worn for Judo. Instructors who run their own clubs are allowed to wear black over-trousers called Hakama.

Senior instructors are permitted to also wear black jackets over their Gi top once they have achieved the required instructor grade.

The jacket is then tied together with a coloured belt, called an Obi.
As with many other martial arts, the colour of the belt denotes the wearers skill. The table below shows the belt colour progression.




































*Note: There are four levels of yellow and orange belts, denoted by the number of stripes (mons) on the belt. Yellow belts have Orange Mons, and Orange Belt have Green Mons. For example, a yellow belt wearer with 3 mons is a higher grade than an unadorned belt.

Moorgate Jitsu Club Clothing
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